Paul Jennis recently spent six months to complete each of two murals in the renovated basement of the Church of St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi in Flemington —reproductions of The Crucifixion, by Renaissance artist Pietro Perugino, and The Pentecost, by 18th-century neoclassicist Jean Restout.

No matter that the artist is Jewish; Jennis, 45, of Raritan Township, later brought his rabbi to see his work. “He didn’t jump for joy,” Jennis says, “but he still had some very nice comments.”

These days Jennis is working on murals at two South Jersey churches. “I hope this will lead to work in other institutions, like more churches, hospitals, and courthouses,” he says, “maybe even temples.” To view more of his work, visit

Article by Rema Rahman in New Jersey Monthly

The Broad Brush - Article in New Jersey Monthly