To create outstanding oil paintings for my valued customers, materials are as important as my creativity. My portraits of people and animals are made with premium products. I use the highest grade professional oil paints with high pigment concentration that last for hundreds of years. My canvases are premium grade linen from Italy.

My oil paintings of People, Horses, Cars and Motorcycles, and religious murals usually take many months to complete. They start with great photo references and are transformed to a detailed drawing on a canvas. From there I paint many layers of detail that make my images so vibrant and real.

The History of Motorcycle oil painting for Harley Davidson took 6 months to make sure all of the motorcycle parts were correct. It’s a long and tedious process that requires much skill and patience of a master artisan. I take pride in the subtleties of my oil paintings even if it takes so long. It is why my work attracts Governors, Presidents, and owners of Championship Horses who want only the best.

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