I love to create oil paintings of reflective objects like cars, planes, and motorcycles. The details are important to the owners of these luxury items. I spend many hours making sure everything is mechanically correct as well as artistically correct.

I used to do work for a publishing company of Harley Davidson. I like to use very bright colors to make the cars and motorcycles jump off the page. The History of Harleys took six months to complete. This kind of motorcycle oil painting is meant for collectors and motorcycle enthusiasts.

I create many oil painting private commissions of motorcycles and cars for their owners. This type of subject matter makes for great art in the home because – unfortunately – you can’t stay in your garage all day admiring your prize possession.

Let’s Discuss Your Goals

Are you interested in car art painting or motorcycle oil painting? I invite you to call me at (908) 788-3788 or send me an email. There’s no obligation. Let’s talk about what’s captured your imagination and see how we can immortalize it for you.