Horses are one of my favorite subject matter to paint and draw. Their muscle structure is so complex and challenging. The owner of the horse Malabar Man (Hambletonian winner) was very excited that I was able to capture the winning feeling the horse had in his eyes.

Axel, one of the other horses I painted, was a dressage champion. Beside the two paintings of championship horses you can view some of my drawing of horses in my Civil War oil painting section.

Painting horses also requires knowing how to pose them and having patience for the right shot. I try to capture every detail of the horses skin along with sophisticated backgrounds. Horse painting is an area I intend to specialize even more in the future. The price for horse painting, or pets, depends on size and other variables. Please call for pricing.

The process for creating a horse portrait or mural need not be intrusive in your busy schedule. Considering how active animals can be, we can stage a photo shoot to capture a moment from which I’ll create the oil painting. I can work around your needs to ensure we meet your goals.

Let’s Discuss Your Goals

I invite you to call me at (908) 788-3788 or send me an email. There’s no obligation. Let’s talk about what’s captured your imagination and see how we can immortalize it for you.