Comissioned painting dates as far back to Michaelangelo’s time and even earlier. The church was the main patron to the arts during the renaissance period. Artists were hired to paint religious murals for many years.

Another major form of commissioned art were portraits. Rembrandt was one of the earlier great commissioned portrait artists. His portraits were very realistic and 3 dimensional. Rembrandt inspired my work as a portrait artist. I love to capture the soul of my subjects and bathe them in beautiful light and detail so they pop off the canvas.

For portrait commisions of people and animals, I take many photographs in an hour or half hour sessions to capture the essence of the person or pet. I then combine the best of all of my photos to create what photography cannot — the ultimate, perfect depiction of my subject that is timeless.

Prices for oil portraits range from a small painting in the $3,500 to $5,000 range, medium sized painting in the $5,000 to $15,000 range, and large paintings in the $15,000 plus range. Please call for pricing. Pricing is subject to the amount of detail in the painting and if photo references are supplied. All paintings are professionally sealed and protected with varnish.

I have such a diverse style that you can commission me to paint any portrait. Let your imagination soar and let my professionalism and creativity bring your dreams to life. Size and complexity determine the price of you commissioned portrait/painting. What else could you buy that would last 1,000 years?

Let’s Discuss Your Goals

I invite you to call me at (908) 788-3788 or send me an email. There’s no obligation. Let’s talk about what’s captured your imagination and see how we can immortalize it for you.