Artist Bio

My passion to become an artist began when I was very young. Instinctively understanding the full color spectrum and the relationships of forms and shapes along with the ability to express that understanding onto a canvas was a gift. The gift was nurtured by a vast education in the arts at the best schools in the country and studying abroad in Italy. I was also fortunate to experience many avenues as an artist such as a NYC illustrator and painter of collectibles, championship horses, murals, and portraits. My art can be seen in many books and magazines. I had the most successful collectible plate series of Gone With the Wind for the Bradford Exchange where we sold over a million plates. My murals grace the Hospitals and churches of New Jersey. I have done portraits for esteemed leaders such as governors, supreme court judges, and CEOs. I approach life with an artist's eye and my work is sought after for its superior quality, the soul and accuracy of the subject that's captured, and the pleasantry I bring to the process.